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Sandstone Cleaning, Sealing & Restoration Hobart

Sandstone is one of the most unique and beautiful stones out there. Every single inch of every single piece comes with a different design, shade, colour and tone. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

It is also known as arenite and it’s a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand sized minerals. Most of sandstone is made up of quartz and feldspar as these two minerals are the most commons in the Earth’s crust. Variety of colours includes yellow, red, white, black, brown and gray. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through the process of heating and pressure. The most common cementing materials in sandstone are silica and calcium carbonate. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

Sandstone Cleaning Hobart

Sandstone is a very porous stone. It will absorb water, stains, acid immediately if it has not been sealed previously. If natural sandstone has been stained there are several cleaning treatments that can be undertaken, however most prove unsuccessful. In this case, sand blasting is required to remove the absorbed stains. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

It is commonly found in pavers and pool surrounds, balconies, stair cases, feature walls and retaining walls. Sometimes sandstone is left in its natural state when used externally. However, being so porous, algae, moss, mould and dirt can very quickly take over the natural beauty of sandstone. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

Hobart Tile and Grout Pro has the best and most advanced solutions for cleaning, restoring and protecting sandstone in all areas. Being such a soft stone it should not be cleaned at pressures higher than 1000 psi. At Hobart Tile and Grout Pro we use special products and agitating methods to renew sandstone rather than relying on high pressure which can easily damage the surface. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

Contact us today and let us bring your sandstone back to life and ensure it remains that way. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

Sandstone Sealing Hobart

Whatever the finish is Sandstone surfaces should be cleaned and then sealed with a quality sealer. For more information visit our section for Sandstone Sealing. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

deepshield sandstone

Hobart Tile and Grout Pro has all the professional quality equipment and products to clean, restore, refresh, enhance and protect your Sandstone surfaces and bring out the natural beauty of Sandstone to life. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

deepshield surface

Contact Hobart Tile and Grout Pro today and we will clean and restore your Sandstone surfaces, bring them back to life and ensure they stay looking their best. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

cleaning Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Repairing Hobart

We are your specialist service for tile & grout cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping & sealing, tile regrouting, grout color sealing, and minor tile repairs. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

repairing Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Renewal Hobart

Hobart Tile and Grout Pro experienced technicians can renew your bathroom and save you thousands of dollars in expensive and unnecessary renovation costs. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

renewal Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Honing Hobart

Honing your surfaces can resolve issues with stains, chips, water spots, glass rings, cracks, etching and dull spots. Australia's Hobart Tile and Grout Pro technicians create a surface with a beautifully smooth, low sheen matte finish, leaving your sandstone looking elegant and in its most beautiful natural state. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

honing Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Restoration Hobart

Our Sandstone Tile Restoration services can restore your sandstone tile & grout to their best possible condition, protected for years to come. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

restoration Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Grinding Hobart

Grinding your sandstone surfaces will smooth out imperfections and open a new layer of your stone upon which it is possible to build a high quality honed or polished finish. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

grinding Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Stripping Hobart

Stripping, scrubbing and cleaning to remove old sealant and its residue, restoring the original appearance of the floor. Our technicians are equipped with all necessary equipment and possess all skills and experience needed to provide your sandstone tiles with an extensive floor stripping service. We can strip and reseal any hard surface flooring as well as wall tiles. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

stripping Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Resurfacing Hobart

Resurfacing is an extremely skilled task that requires patience and experience. If not done properly and to the right depth it may only enhance the scratches and impurities. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

resurfacing Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone Scratch Removal Hobart

If your sandstone is damaged from etching and scratching, Hobart Tile and Grout Pro will provide a beautiful end result after removing the deep scratches. Don't go through the pain and cost of having slightly worn sandstone retiled. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

scratch-removal Sandstone Tiles

For a free estimate or to schedule your appointment, please call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form.

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