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Travertine Cleaning Cairns

Cairns Tile and Grout Pro can remove unsightly marks and blemishes from your travertine, beautifully restoring your surfaces to their best possible condition. Cairns Tile and Grout Pro use a powerful advanced mechanical and safe chemical cleaning process to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all varieties of stone surfaces. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

Each variety of natural stone has its own unique characteristics and needs to be cared for individually. Some varieties of stone are denser, or more porous than others meaning they will be absorb liquids easier. Marble, Travertine, slate and travertine each require different maintenance techniques and Cairns Tile and Grout Pro technicians have the experience and knowledge required to care for your valuable surfaces in the best possible way. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

before and after cleaning travertine

If you have never had your travertine tiles professionally cleaned before and they are beginning to appear dull and discoloured, or your old sealer is wearing off and you want your tiles thoroughly cleaned and protected, Cairns Tile and Grout Pro can make a noticeable difference, leaving you more than satisfied with the final result as your travertine surfaces regain their fresh natural look. You can rest assured your floors continue to look good for many years to come with our long term protection leaving surfaces easier to maintain. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

before and after Cleaning travertine tile

Cairns Tile and Grout Pro identify the type of stains, the cause of the stain, and determine the necessary chemicals and poultice materials required to remove the stain from your travertine. Once the stains are removed and the travertine is cleaned, we can apply a high quality penetrating sealer such as Deepshield™ Transparent Deep Penetrating sealer which impregnates deep into the pores of the travertine creating an invisible natural barrier underneath the surface protecting against both water and oil based contaminants. Deepshield impregnating water based sealer prolongs the life of your surfaces by taking full advantage of recent advancements in fluoro-bond technology to provide unmatched long-term stain resistance and reliability. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

deepshield Travertine

Of course generic commercial cleaning products do exist and are widely available on the market, but these products are no match for the state-of-the-art polish and restoration machines used by Cairns Tile and Grout Pro. Floors do stain and damage very easily and to ensure your valuable surfaces look their very best, Cairns Tile and Grout Pro technicians use state-of-the-art equipment combined with the best proven technique ensuring the look you're after is attained. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

deepshield generic travertine

We supply a vast range of services varying from cleaning, stripping and sealing your frequently used everyday travertine tiles to completely regrouting any variety of surfaces that you have. Our broad client base ranges from small houses to the largest shopping complexes. Hotels, hospitals, bars, medical centres, small to large offices and a variety of other businesses call upon our experience when requiring help for their floor cleaning needs. Our extensive, thorough and professional processes and by utilising unique, leading edge equipment is what makes Cairns Tile and Grout Pro distinct. Tile and Grout Pro incorporates the highest standard equipment available with unique wash, scrub and dry technology. Tile and Grout Pro prides itself on being environmentally conscious, using less water, less power, chemicals and detergents than other cleaning methods. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

before and after Cleaning travertine tile floor

All surfaces are exposed to general wear and tear and will eventually collect dirt and grime in the millions of tiny pores that occur in all natural stone. Using off the shelf stone cleaners and a mop simply cannot penetrate the surface of the stone and remove the deep soiling. By using a combination of high pressure and rotary scrubbers, Tile and Grout Pro technicians will leave your travertine in its best possible condition. We cover all Cairns suburbs.

Call us now for your free quote, or enquire with us online and we will call you back as soon as we can. Feel free to call us any time on 1300 771 201, at Cairns Tile and Grout Pro we provide our services after hours for your convenience.

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