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Slate Cleaning Palm Cove - Cairns

Slate is a strong and beautiful material used to great effect indoors and certainly makes an exceptional exterior paving stone. Slate is a foliated metamorphic rock, which in geology terms means it is made up of many thin sheets consisting of a derivative of shale and created under relatively low pressure and temperature conditions. We cover all Cairns suburbs and all Palm Cove area.

Cleaning Stone Flooring

There are many types of slate tiles originating from various places around the world and the slate tile cleaning process can vary depending on the type of slate tile being cleaned. Before cleaning slate you should test the slate surface to understand what type of sealers were used on the slate and to be sure that the cleaning product will not damage or create any discolouration.

before and after cleaning slate tile

Our expert technicians are equipped with state of the art high speed polishing machines. At Palm Cove Tile and Grout Pro, we professionally shine your valued surfaces, leaving you satisfied and your floors looking new! At Palm Cove Tile and Grout Pro, our technicians can exceed your expectations with our expert slate restoration services, from polishing away stains and damage to sealing and protection using the highest quality products ensuring your stone retains its character and is easier to maintain. We cover all Cairns suburbs and all Palm Cove area.

before and after cleaning slate tile floor

Palm Cove Tile and Grout Pro identify the type of stains, the cause of the stain, and determine the necessary chemicals and poultice materials required to remove the stain from your slate. Once the stains are removed and the slate is cleaned, we can apply a high quality penetrating sealer such as Deepshield™ Transparent Deep Penetrating sealer which impregnates deep into the pores of the slate creating an invisible natural barrier underneath the surface protecting against both water and oil based contaminants. We cover all Cairns suburbs and all Palm Cove area.

deepshield moisture slate

Call us now for your free quote, or enquire with us online and we will call you back as soon as we can. Feel free to call us any time on 1300 771 201, at Palm Cove Tile and Grout Pro we provide our services after hours for your convenience.

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