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Quarry Cleaning Hobart

Quarry tile is made of clay and usually has a rougher finish than most pressed out ceramic tiles. You can usually spot a quarry tile from the small roller grooves on the back of the tiles where they were extruded out of the machine(think giant pasta machine). Quarry tile is extremely durable and is a great choice for most rooms in your home, especially high traffic areas. When quarry tile is sealed, the tiles become water resistant which makes them a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens too. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

Quarry tiles are relatively inexpensive, which makes them great for those on a budget. The durability, combined with the budget savings of quarry tiles, makes them an ideal choice for many homes all around the world. They have become more popular over the last few years as many people want a beautiful floor that is durable and easy to maintain. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

A classic hard wearing tile often utilised in high traffic areas such as reception areas and also often used for outdoor patio areas and porches. Although hard wearing quarry tiles are often neglected and hidden under years of grime, however all is not lost as they can be restored. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

before and after Cleaning Quarry tile floor
Hobart Tile and Grout Pro know the importance of taking care of your quarry tiled floor. Tile cleaning & restoration is an important aspect of maintaining the natural beauty of your quarry tile floors. If treated properly, quarry tiles will provide for a beautiful floor that is hard wearing, warm, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Quarry tile restoration and cleaning provides a holistic solution for floor maintenance. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

Hobart Tile and Grout Pro provide quarry tile cleaning & restoration services for both commercial and domestic premises. You can count on our technicians expertise, professionalism and experience to guarantee satisfaction with the condition of your quarry tile floor. We cover all Hobart suburbs.

before and after Cleaning Quarry tile

Call us now for your free quote, or enquire with us online and we will call you back as soon as we can. Feel free to call us any time on 1300 771 201, at Hobart Tile and Grout Pro we provide our services after hours for your convenience.

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